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Rai No.3

Rai No.3


The Rai Series piece features contemporary geo movements and shapes perfect to create a soft wall feature.

12in. x 12in


Please Note: This is a Made to Order original artwork piece. Please allow 2-3 weeks for piece to be made and fully dry. Shipping times vary.


Materials - Stretched Cotton Canvas, Mixed Mediums including Acrylic, Impasto and Water in wood frame.


Care - To help keep your item looking at it’s best for years to come - Please view our ‘CARE’ page for maintenance details and a few words of advice.


*Disclaimer - All stylised images are for reference only. This is to give you an idea of ways you can style your piece, the piece may not represent the true size of the art piece. Please refer above - to the size information for the exact measurements of each piece.

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